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Amboy, Washington, United States

December 31, 2012

I can not remember when we have been this excited for the New Year. Wonder where we will be and what we will be doing next year at this time. I really do like changes. This new year has the potential to be a great year. But we also have to be prepared for whatever life throws our way. Bring it on. 
Our first big hurdle was the furniture and it has all been sold. Wahoo! One step closer to our new adventures.

December 28, 2012

Bruce has been talking a lot about hitting the road and doing something called "Boondocking". You can stay for free at all sort of places. Lots of people are doing this and loving it. It is state or federal property but without hookups and out in the boonies. Hmmm. I must keep thinking new adventures! 
There is a woman named RVSue. People should Google her and read her blogs. Very interesting. I can hardly wait to get started. But first the house.

December 27, 2012

January 2013 looks to be an interesting year for Bruce and I. We are making plans to hit the road. But first we have many things to do. I always thought this would be easy but it's not. We are getting the house to rent through a rental agency and sorting through all our (accumulated over many years) stuff. Do we keep this? Do we sell it? Do we throw it away? Too many choices to make before we can even THINK about hitting the road.